06 Oct

Inbound marketing enables you to effectively generate traffic to your website in order to turn visitors into leads, and then, into customers. Generating web traffic is only half the battle, though. You also need to spend time on turning that traffic into profits. If you’ve implemented inbound marketing and you’re seeing tons of new web visitors but none of them are converting, here are some things you can do to improve your efforts in order to increase sales. You may also need services ERP software development company.

1. Improve Your Calls to Action

Your calls to action (CTAs) are used to provoke activity. They are highly effective for converting web visitors into leads. If yours aren’t getting you any new leads, then you need to improve them. Consider their positioning—for best results, they should be above the fold so they’re viewable without having to scroll down, and they should be placed on the most relevant pages on your website.

Be clear and specific about what you’re offering. Your CTAs should clearly convey the compelling benefit that the visitor will receive from the offer. For example. Download our FREE ebook on X” is more effective than “Download now.” Additionally, you should use images with your text and contrasting colours with those of your site’s colour scheme to make sure your CTAs stand out.

2. Improve Your Landing Pages

A landing page should focus on a single objective that matches the intent of the link that visitors clicked to get there. All of your CTAs should redirect visitors to a relevant landing page—because they also increase conversion. But if your landing pages aren’t created correctly, they’re not likely going to increase sales.

Make sure the headline of the landing page and the CTA are consistent—you don’t want visitors realizing there is a catch on the landing page or getting confused because your messaging differs. Your offer should be clear and simple—don’t get creative and witty. And don’t ask for too much information—only what’s necessary for your sales team. Again, use images and emphasize the benefits of the offer. Another particularly important tip is to remove any links or navigation. Once the visitor has reached your landing page, you’re so close to getting his contact information, so don’t distract him.

3. Improve Your Offers

It’s going to be difficult to convert web visitors into leads so you can increase sales if your offers aren’t compelling. If no one cares, they’re not going to sign up. Your offer should clearly state why your visitors should take you up on it—detail what’s in it for them. A whitepaper, guide, or webinar offers a lot more benefits to visitors than a pricing brochure or self-promotional video.

Make sure to create separate offers for every phase of the buying cycle. The information that web visitors seek at the start of the purchasing funnel will vary drastically from what buyers at the bottom of the funnel want to see.

4. Improve Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

Now focus on your lead nurturing messages—be clear, concise, and to the point or you’ll lose your readers’ attention quickly. Make your text easy to scan. Always include links back to your site. Create an exciting subject line that will intrigue—the subject line is one of the most critical parts of your campaign; it should state how the reader will benefit from opening your email. Write in a personal manner instead of using a newsletter template with a lot of images.

5. Improve Your Entire Strategy

Finally, to effectively increase sales, you need to measure all of your inbound marketing activities and test rigorously. Everything you do—all of your content, all of your CTAs, all of your emails—can be measured, tweaked, and tested in order to improve conversion rates. Find out what really works with your audience so you can increase sales.

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